Wurd: The Cellar by Richard Laymon

Posted: November 1, 2012 by puremassacre in Books
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The Cellar

The Cellar, Richard Laymon. 1980.

Donna, the book’s protagonist, goes on the run with her daughter Sandy when she learns that her ex-husband, who molested Sandy for years, has been released from prison. After a car accident leaves them stranded in the small California coastal town of Malcasa Point, Donna and Sandy cross paths with Judge, a mercenary hired to track down and kill the murderous creature that supposedly haunts a local tourist attraction, the Beast House. Judge’s employer, Larry, is an elderly man who had a traumatic encounter with the Beast as a child.

Just finished reading The Cellar and I loved it. There is some difficult subject matter contained in the book that some readers will find offensive. Numerous scenes of graphic horror violence and sexual sadism blend together nicely creating a great horror/monster read. I breezed through the 309 page novel in about 7 hours reaching The Cellar’s haunting climax. As this is the first book in the Beasthouse series I am looking forward to reading the rest in short order. Laymon is a Twisted Genius. The Cellar @ Amazon

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  1. peteeboy says:

    loved this book!!! guess there are a bunch more in this sortta series??!!

    • puremassacre says:

      Ya. It’s the Beasthouse series, pretty twisted shit. I’m almost through the second.

      The Beasthouse Series

      The Cellar
      The Beasthouse
      The Midnight Tour
      Friday Night in Beasthouse

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