The Collection

Posted: November 30, 2012 by puremassacre in Movies, Sequel, Slasher, Trailer
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The Collection.  2012.

The Collection. 2012.

The Collection is a 2012 horror film, a sequel to the 2009 film, The Collector. It stars Emma Fitzpatrick and Josh Stewart, who reprises his role as Arkin. It is written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, directed by Dunstan, and will be released on November 30, 2012. A man who escapes from the vicious grips of the serial killer known as “The Collector” is blackmailed to rescue an innocent girl from the killer’s booby-trapped warehouse. IMDb. The Collection is a sequel to the 2009 film The Collector.

Looks pretty good, I really enjoyed the first installment….The Collector.

Next Up: I don’t know anymore…..

  1. moviejoltz says:

    Sadly, this had no suspense, no surprises and a poorly written script. What a shame.

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