Hypothermia – Why oh Why Michael Rooker

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The project tells the story of two friends. The two have been fishing at the same location for years, but one day a sudden disappearance in the populace of fish puzzle the young men. After initially considering the possibilities, they wonder if the lake was fished dry, or if there was a deeper, darker meaning to the empty lake. This question is quickly answered, as the friends are attacked by a mysterious creature, and more victims are found beneath the icy lake.

Director: James Felix McKenney
Writer: James Felix McKenney
Stars: Michael Rooker, Blanche Baker, Benjamin Forster
Release Date: 2 October 2012
Runtime: 73 min
Production Co: Dark Sky Films & Glass Eye Pix
Hypothermia (2010) on IMDb

I really gotta stop doing this to myself; I get bored at around midnight and start scrolling aimlessly around crackflix for something to make my eyes bleed to. I find that with my sleep addled brain and caffeine burning eyes that my choices are always on the questionable side of things. I generally look at the rating to get somewhat of an idea how good or bad a film will be (I don’t put to much faith in ratings), so when I happened upon Hypothermia with its 3 star Netflix rating, decent looking cover and somewhat interesting synopsis, I thought tonight would be different. Wrong!


Little ice fishing never hurt anyone…..until now!

The story revolves around a family that is spending the weekend at a remote cottage on the lake, ice fishing, drinking and spending quality time together. Nice, I though to myself. Everything is going smoothly (relatively) until a large creature is spotted swimming beneath the ice. With the help of a few newcomers, a rowdy father and son, they all decide to catch the monstrous fish. The “fish” has plans of it’s own and as the sun goes down the body count rises (funny tagline I just made up, lol).


I don’t like the looks of that bloody hole…..

The rest of the film is a complete trainwreck. A lot of useless and unrealistic banter between the family and the rowdy newcomers, stupid decision making and uninteresting character development. And that is all before we even witness the creature itself, one of the single most fake looking monsters in recent horror history. I had honestly thought that the days of the obvious “man in a rubber suit” monsters were long gone. I was mistaken, horribly mistaken.



Honestly. In this age of technological wonders where anyone with a laptop and a digital camcorder can make a flick (ya ya, I hear you cgi haters) I truly can’t fathom why we end up with this. Who the hell gives the green light to this shit? Who puts up the money? Why? Does the director look back on his film and laugh or cry? Hell I would have my name stricken from the film altogether. And this brings me to Michael Rooker. I like him, he’s a solid actor. He carried Hypothermia in my opinion (if there was anything to carry?). He is a believable guy who delivers consistently. He’s not Dicapprio or Nicholson but nevertheless I enjoy him in film. Why oh why would he sign on to this? Why would anyone for that matter? I guess we all need a paycheck. But this guy was in the excellent splatterfest Slither, Cliffhanger with Stallone, The Bone Collecter with Denzel and The 6th Day with Arnie, The Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, Law and Order and on and on and on….He is like the GOTO supporting role guy! I wonder sometimes about the decisions one makes.

Blanche Baker is also in the Hypothermia, as Rookers wife Helen. She immediately stood out to me; I reviewed Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door a little while back and Baker’s performance of the sadistic Ruth Chandler was absolutely amazing. I was surprised to see her in this film. It would be hard to deliver any kind of memorable performance in Hypothermia. On the positive side of things, I watched Cabin in the Woods the other day (again) and was wondering to myself if I would ever get to see a merman in a horror film……bingo! If you are a fan of relatively low budget b-horror monster flicks, of which I am one, then by all means watch Hypothermia. If you live in 2013 and expect a little more out of your horror films (even b-horror) stay far, far away from this film. Wow….lets have a look at that monster again shall we.

Scares the shit outta me! LOL! Check out the Trailer below. Enjoy!

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