10 Disturbing Search Terms on My Blog

Posted: March 24, 2013 by puremassacre in List
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Horror List Search

As with all bloggers (I assume), I check my stats fairly frequently; most times to see how a post has performed. I also tend to look at search terms quite often, and some of the results are just downright disturbing. Some make me laugh, others make me scratch my head in confusion and others just make me want to gag. WTF! This is a horror film blog. Not a porn blog, bdsm blog or torture blog (are there such things?) Anyway here is a list of some weird and disturbing search terms that have been used on Thepuremassacre. Enjoy (actually don’t enjoy, cringe!)

depraved sex torture

This one has been used more than once. This guy lives with his grandma I think.

graphic gory gory horror films

I guess we all like exploitation horror the odd time, right? RIGHT!

perverse sexcomix

I totally understand this one….I think I have searched this on other blogs lol.

pornful movies netflix

Again, I totally understand this one, though the term “pornful” isn’t a word. There is no porn on Netflix (that I’m aware of).

gore shocking brutal violent

Really hardcore horror fan here, maybe? I hope….(this one has been used a few times).

bloody cruel horror porn

Scary, scary person. Why do people want to combine horror and porn?

brutal sex snuff films

If I could delete search terms from my blog, this would be one of the first to go. I never want to meet this person.

movie about crazy deaths

A little disturbing, I see this type alot…

brutal dead woman extreme image

Wow! Who searches this shit. Really!

extreme gruesome sex

Again who the hell want’s to combine “Gruesome” and “Sex”? I just don’t get people.

  1. JayGatsby86 says:

    Today I was looking at my stats…and someone found my blog with a search term so vile I dont even feel comfortable repeating it. I write stories about my youth and growing up. I can see how the search term found my blog. But it was so vile and perverted, Im disgusted to think a person who typed those words visited my page. Then I subsequently found your blog googling “someone found my blog disturbing search term”.

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