Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno

Posted: April 20, 2013 by puremassacre in Cannibal, Horror, Movies, Thriller
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Nice shirt!

Nice shirt!

Eli Roth’s latest project, The Green Inferno, is currently in post production and is scheduled for release sometime later this year. An homage to the classic Italian exploitation flicks Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox and Man From Deep river (among others). Bloody Amazonian carnage in the classic Mondo stylings, The Green Inferno is high on my list of Must See films of 2013. Check out the bloody first image released from the film, below.

Official Synopsis

A group of student activists travel from New York City to the Amazon to save a dying tribe but crash in the jungle and are taken hostage by the very natives they protected.


First Still

The Green Inferno

  1. monster1711 says:

    Cannot wait for this to come out! Eli Roth is one of my favourite directors/writers/actors. I don’t know why, he just seems really grounded and enjoys making movies he loves. I respect him so much.

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