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5 goriest movies

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Do you ever feel like you just can’t seem to have enough blood and gore in your films?  Do you often find that you are NOT spending the majority of your horror movie watching time cringing and looking away? Fear no more horror fiends and friends alike.  I have compiled a list of absolute NASTIES.  I myself, found I had to look away more times then I would like to admit with these movies.


Where to begin with this movie? Just overall FUCKED. Such a disturbing, psychotic, extreme movie. Lots of blood and merciless brutality on the end of the serial killer.  This one definitely hits you from all angles; messes with your mind, pulls at your heartstrings, puts a pit in your stomach, is disgusting to watch, and even grosser to think about.  Lots of scenes really made my heart beat fast with just how shockingly gross they…

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Guest Post – Canada

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True that

The Cinema Monster


TIFF 2014 has barely begun and I’m already looking ahead to the next incomparable Toronto-based film festival, Toronto After Dark! A few days ago, the first set of films screening at this years festivities were unveiled and needless to say, TAD definitely picked up the slack left by this year’s Midnight Madness programme. You can see the full, 10-film list below with trailers and synopses. I’ll be posting the remainder of films yet to be announced when they’re unleashed at the end of september.



From the twisted mind of writer Tony Burgess (PONTYPOOL) comes a stunning, spectacular ode to classic horror and fantasy.

The Babadook

In the scary new horror hit from Australia, single mother Amelia must battle with her son Samuel’s fear of a monster lurking in their house.


Based on a story by acclaimed sci-fi author Robert A. Heinlein (STARSHIP TROOPERS), the Spierig Brothers (DAYBREAKERS, UNDEAD)…

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Bloggers Tag!

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avatar3I just got tagged! I was going to slap up a few trailers tonight but I have been away from the blog for a bit and got tagged a few times in the last week. This post is actually 2 different blog tags. (more…)

Evil Dead 2013 Video Review

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Nicely done!

Good Movies Bad Movies

Cauwel3 has provided us with his video review of the Evil Dead Remake!

Be sure to check out our massive Evil Dead page here: Evil Dead Remake

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It’s Not Me…It’s WordPress

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20130203-213815.jpgA few duplicate posts have been mistakenly published today via my mobile WordPress apps running on my Iphone and Ipad. The app likes to revert all my currently published posts back to drafts while making everything unsticky and causing general mayhem. So in all honesty I am not drunk, its my app…..seriously.

Lord Of Tears

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Bloggers Tag!

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The Rules

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.

Photo & Facts about Thepuremassacre:

This is the only photo that exist of me on the inter-web
I hate buzzwords
I smoke way to many cigarettes in any given day (trying to quit)
Cats are my pets of choice
Favorite band is As I Lay Dying (at the moment)
Favorite TV show is Sons of Anarchy (was Dexter)
I have 10 tattoo’s, of which 4 are crosses
My beer of choice is beer
I can recite every line of the Aliens film word for word
My hero is Master Shake
I am fascinated by the large scale structure of the Universe
I have a severe app addiction


Mimesis. Another NOTLD film.

A group of horror fans find themselves unwilling participants in a nightmarish role playing game that pays homage to a classic horror film.
Director: Douglas Schulze
Writers: Douglas Schulze (story), Joshua Wagner (screenplay)
Stars: Allen Maldonado, Sid Haig, Lauren Mae Shafer
Taglines: Why watch a horror movie when you can live one
Release Date: 12 February 2013
Budget: $500,000
Mimesis (2011) on IMDb

I just stumbled across Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead this morning while surfing Youtube and thought I’d post it. The film is set for a February 12 DVD/Blu-Ray release, while a “sequel”, the unrealated Mimesis 2 is in the works, based on Nosferatu. Being a jaded zombie enthusiast, I am just fascinated by the constant re-imaginings and remakes of the mighty Romero classic, Night of the Living Dead. It seems every year or so a new (usually crappy) vision of NOTLD crops up from the dark corners of the interweb. From the horrible NOTLD 3D to the upcoming NOTLD: Resurrection (sigh), it seems that people will never tire of butchering the classic. Will Mimesis turn out to be another weak re-imagining or a fresh new take on a played out classic? Check out the trailer below, it does look pretty good. Here’s hoping…..


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Head In A Vice


I just want to do something a little different today, as I want to see if there is a way we can help each other bring a few more visitors to our sites. It requires hardly any effort, and could benefit us all in the long run.

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News and Review (ABCs of Death)

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Just wanted to post a quick update on a few things going on here. First of all I finally managed to get a review up forThe ABCs of Death, well sort of. Secondly, puremassacre will be migrating over to in the next few days, maybe a week. I opted for a self hosted blog mainly for the control and customizarion it offers. The site will be accessible, acting as a redirect. Just going to be business and horror as usual. So if anyone is reading this, thats what’s up.


Monday night I was the victim of a home invasion. Fortunately for the perpatrator(s) I was sleeping otherwise things could have gotten very messy and I would have probably wound up doing twenty at the local prison. Most of my electronic devices which I rely so heavily on were stolen (ipads, iphones, ipods, camera’s) and a sizable amount of cash and christmas presents. But what really gets me f$#%kn seriously pissed is the nerve people have. To come into someones house while they are sleeping and stealing all the things they have worked so hard to acquire without a second thought. Was probably a couple of stupid crackhead punks looking to get some quick cash. One of these times a stupid crackhead fucker is going to walk into the wrong guys house and it will be lights out. Anyway I just wanted to write a quick post stating that I won’t be writing here for a few days until I get this shit sorted out with the cops and the insurance.

Next Up: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Pennywise the Clown

Scariest clown ever!

Wow I just got back from my kids Halloween school assembly and pageant. There was a kid there dressed up as a pretty menacing looking clown, pretty cool right, everyone hates scary clowns. Well when the principal walked up to him with the microphone and asked what he was for Halloween he said, I’m Pennywise the clown! Holy shit I thought. Is it weird that a six year old kid knows who Pennywise is? No, it’s badass actually. It was also pretty funny that all the parents clapped and smiled not knowing who in the hell that even is lol. Cheers to you kid. By the way the movie It sucked bad, but the book was scary as shit, I do hate made for TV movies. Trick or Treating time, lets roll.

Next Up: Check under my bed and in the closet…….