Silent Hill Revelations – Swing and a Miss


Silent Hill Revelation

Silent Hill Revelation. 2012.

Heather Mason and her father have been on the run, always one step ahead of dangerous forces that she doesn’t fully understand, Now on the eve of her 18th birthday, plagued by horrific nightmares and the disappearance of her father, Heather discovers she’s not who she thinks she is. The revelation leads her deeper into a demonic world that threatens to trap her forever.

Director: Michael J. Bassett
Writer: Michael J. Bassett
Stars: Adelaide Clemens, Kit Harington, Sean Bean
Release Date: 26 October 2012
Runtime: 94 min
Budget: $20,000,000
Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012) on IMDb

Silent Hill

Christopher, Rose and Sharon from the First Film.

I caught Silent Hill Revelation on demand recently, a little late and unfortunately not in 3D; but having been a big fan of the original Silent Hill and all it’s hellish glory, as well as the intensely creepy video game series, I immediately rented it when it popped up. Silent Hill Revelation takes places some years after the original; Sharon (Adelaide Clemens) and her father Christoper (Sean Bean) have been living under assumed identities after the events of the first film. Rose (Radha Mitchell) discovers a doorway linking the world of Silent Hill and the real world; using it, she sends Sharon back, trapping herself in Silent Hill in the process. We learn all of this in a very short flashback, featuring a young Sharon and a grieving Christopher. Christopher, now going by the name of Harry, promises Rose that he will protect their daughter from the evil forces of Silent Hill that are seeking her. Sharon, now 18, is plagued by constant visions and waking nightmares of a dilapidated town and it`s demonic inhabitants. We find out that she has no recollection of the past events or her role in the first film. Silent Hill is calling her back.

Silent Hill Revelation.

Christopher discovering Sharon has returned from Silent Hill. Flashback sequence.

Silent Hill Revelation serves up the gore and disturbing character images immediately; amputated people hanging in BDSM style restraints burning alive, evil looking clowns eating bloody remains at a food court, heavily scarred faceless demons and butchers skinning live humans in a kitchen. Twenty minutes in and already the gore is impressive; aside from some questionable cgi. As with the Konami video game series, the fates of Silent Hills tortured residents are always terribly intriguing.

Silent Hill Revelation

Chained Victims in Silent Hill.

Harry (formerly Christopher) disappears mysteriously setting off a chain of events that lead Sharon and her new found friend, Vincent to Silent Hill in search of him. Along the way Sharon figures out that Vincent is a resident of the cursed town sent to the outside world to bring her back, back to be a vessel to birth their god. Things seem to be getting strange at this point. Strange indeed. As it turns out there is a religious order in Silent Hill, the Valtiel, who are trapped by the demon Alessa (of the first film). They want nothing more than to destroy Alessa, raise their god (through Sharon) and cleanse the world; and they hope to achieve this by kidnapping Sharon`s father and using him as bait. Diabolical! Aside from the shaky storyline, the fun starts as our two protagonists enter Silent Hill and cross paths with it`s gruesome inhabitants. Lets examine each shall we.

Silent Hill Revelation

Cool mannequin spider. Assimilates victims.

It is similar to a spider, but with mannequin heads and legs, with the heads serving as its eyes. Behind the mannequin masks, the monster has an mouth with many teeth in addition to a smaller, tongue like mouth that protrudes from the center and grabs its prey.Silent Hill Wiki.

Silent Hill Revelation

The nurses of Silent Hill.

The Nurses are a recurring type of monster and a staple of the Silent Hill series, making appearances of one sort or another in all of the titles. Along with Pyramid Head, they are one of the most well known and important monsters in the franchise. Silent Hill Wiki.

Silent Hill Revelation

Good old Pyramid head.

He is usually portrayed as, at his most basic, a violent monster and the most formidable of the saga and movie alike. A deeper meaning given to him explains his existence as that of punisher or executioner. His acts of violence are not aimed solely at humans, as he has also brought harm to the other creatures that inhabit Silent Hill. Silent Hill Wiki.

Silent Hill Revelation still6

By the end of the film, it becomes clear that the Missionary is the monster form of Claudia Wolf. At the end of the film, Claudia transforms into the Missionary and fights Pyramid Head Silent Hill Wiki.

Various other minor abominations appear throughout the course of the film but those listed above are the most prominent. Aside from the hellish inhabitants of Silent Hill, is the town itself; other than the fact that it is an old prison colony located in rural West Virginia, the town was also foolishly (and honestly, pretty cliche) built on sacred Indian ground. Really. As Vincent says, who the hell builds anything on sacred Indian ground. Hell, look where it got the fools in Pet Cemetery or Poltergeist. Silent Hill is a fog shrouded, ash strewn, ruin of a town, the perfect setting for hell on earth. Incessant coal fires burn relentlessly underground adding an infernal touch to Silent Hill (loosely based on Centralia, Pennsylvania). The haunting score by Akira Yamaoka, lends itself perfectly to the decaying backdrop of the old coal town.

Silent Hill

Silent Hill

At this point in the film we find out that Sharon happens to be the daughter of Alessa (remember the demon child from the first film and the scourge of Silent Hill) and is also her other half; Alessa`s good half, that dwells within the real world. We also find out that Alessa wants Sharon back, she wants to reunite and escape the confines of Silent Hill (which we now know as Hell). Realizing that the order (Valtiel) also wants her, Sharon accepts her fate and joins with the demon Alessa (her other half) against the Valtiel in order to save her father.

Silent Hill Revelation

Sharon meet Alessa.

Claudia Wolfe, the Valtiel leader resists Sharon and Alessa and shows her true form, a demon. Its getting a little to much for me at this point in the film. I find that I am watching it for the sole purpose of hellish violence (I am twisted, I know), having lost total interest in the story and the characters. Making it to the climax we witness a pretty cool fight between Pyramid Head and Claudia Wolfe`s demon form. (The former is the guardian of Alessa and Sharon).

Silent Hill Revelation

Claudia Wolfe.

Whoever was in charge of casting did an excellent job: Sean Bean returning as Christopher/Harry was nice (I truly hate when a staple character is replaced in a sequel)Radha Mitchell returns, albiet briefly, as Rose. Malcolm McDowell plays the role of “” quite superbly and Carrie-Anne Moss as the fanatical leader of the Oder of Valtiel, is solid. You might recognize Martin Donovan, playing a Private Investigator hired by the order to track Sharon down.

Malcolm McDowell

Malcolm McDowell as Leonard.

Silent Hill Revelations was far from perfect, and I think it would be safe to say that the current IMDb rating is warranted. But if you are a fan of the games or the first film or just crazy violent flicks based in hell, then give it a go. Don`t expect anything really groundbreaking. Don`t expect Oscar worthy performances. Actually don`t expect too much from the film. Watch it for the twisted violence and watch it for the dark hellish setting but don’t think to hard about the story, it just isn’t that interesting.


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