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Wurd: The Bighead by Edward Lee

Posted: October 31, 2012 by puremassacre in Books
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The Bighead

The Bighead, Edward Lee. 1997.

The Bighead is a horror novel by writer Edward Lee, released in 1997. It concerns “The Bighead”, a mentally challenged, inbred psychopath afflicted with hydrocephalus raging out in the Virginia backwoods, raping and killing whatever comes his way, and a sex-and-drug-addicted rebel named Jerrica. The book is noted for being one of the most graphic and disturbing horror novels ever penned, and has often been called the grossest book ever written (Wikipedia).

Well wiki isn’t far from the truth on this one. I’ve read The Bighead recently and well it is one big bloody mess, literally. Heavy on the graphic violence and laced with plenty of sex (good and bad). If you have no idea what splatterpunk is and want to find out well The Bighead is the embodiement of the the genre. If you have a sick, twisted and perverted view of the world, well then read this. If you like the Twilight series you might wanna steer clear of this one. Seriously anyone who can’t handle any type of extreme violence and I mean extreme stay far far away from The Bighead. Personally I enjoyed it. I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entire 274 page read; I guess the endless violence and extremely detailed descriptions of each obscene act kept me turning pages! Psycho sex hungry nuns, alcoholic hillbilly killers, torture, sunken temples, murder, sex addicted hotties, and that is barely scratching the surface here folks. Edward Lee is one sick dude, but damn he writes good shit. Check this out at your own peril. The Bighead @ Amazon

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