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Pennywise the Clown

Scariest clown ever!

Wow I just got back from my kids Halloween school assembly and pageant. There was a kid there dressed up as a pretty menacing looking clown, pretty cool right, everyone hates scary clowns. Well when the principal walked up to him with the microphone and asked what he was for Halloween he said, I’m Pennywise the clown! Holy shit I thought. Is it weird that a six year old kid knows who Pennywise is? No, it’s badass actually. It was also pretty funny that all the parents clapped and smiled not knowing who in the hell that even is lol. Cheers to you kid. By the way the movie It sucked bad, but the book was scary as shit, I do hate made for TV movies. Trick or Treating time, lets roll.

Next Up: Check under my bed and in the closet…….